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Active Repository Manager

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Active Repository™ Manager offers smart archiving and content integration functionality. The technology integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft products and third party back-end and LOB systems. Active Repository provides both archiving capabilities for long term storage, and content integration. Thus, it gives users the ability to search third-party content repositories and move items to/from Office System 2007 and third-party repositories.The sophistication of the technology and continued commitment to innovation has made their offering very compelling.

Long-Term Storage Active Repository™ Manager is an intelligent Content Integration technology and can be enhanced with powerful long-term archiving functionalities, so that companies can securely and permanently store immense volumes of fixed information in a robust and highly available environment. It ensures ensure information accuracy, consistency, and timeliness.

Its extended storage support leverage existing corporate data storage devices such as magnetic, magnetic worm, CAS, and tape. It is possible to manage various unstructured content types such as HTML, XML, PDF, documents, SAP data, Cold, eMail, images, video and audio streams, and it supports complex document management application requirements. Standard Interface Not only does Active Repository™ Manager integrate different back-end systems with each other, it also provides seamless integration.

It is the standard interface for connecting back-end and storage systems with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Exchange. It can be compared to archive link, the SAP interface that connects archiving and storage systems with SAP. Built technology Active Repository™ allows companies to connect Office, SharePoint and Exchange with Document Management and Archiving Systems, and it allows direct connection to data storage devices such as magnetic, magnetic worm, CAS, and tape.

Several vendors rely on Active Repository™ Manager for their Microsoft integration. Unified View Active Repository™ Manager is an intelligent middleware that connects different repositories, archiving systems and mass storage systems. With Active Repository™ Manager you can extract more value from the investments your company has made in content management technologies, as it creates a real-time, virtual, federated view of company data. Active Repository™ Manager addresses these systems as one single repository. After typing in a query , all content sources will be analysed. All results will be displayed in a concise and structured manner. If users want to see a particular piece of information, a click on the mouse opens the document. For the user it does not matter where the information resides. He gets it immediately. Active Repository™ Manager speeds up search processes by addressing different content sources as one system and by ensuring that users are not forced to leave their familiar Microsoft environment. Migration Active Repository™ Manager is ideal for companies that plan to consolidate their ECM and storage infrastructure. It allows a smooth migration, as it is not necessary to migrate any storage media. End users will not realise any changes in their daily work.

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