Mimosa NearPoint for SharePoint Archiving

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Mimosa NearPoint for SharePoint Archiving

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Mimosa NearPoint for SharePoint Archiving provides a holistic solution to managing SharePoint data with integrated archiving, recovery, and eDiscovery. Mimosa NearPoint offers comprehensive SharePoint data capture available. Customers can capture all content types and associated metadata and attachments, perform continuous capture via Change Notification, and preserve the relationships between sites and content.

NearPoint also provides full-text indexing and global single-instancing on all archived content. This content can then be offloaded from SharePoint to enable storage cost savings while maintaining seamless end-user access via stubbing. Moreover, Mimosa NearPoint also manages the retention and disposition of SharePoint content across the archive in accordance with organizational policies.

With comprehensive capture and archiving capabilities also comes the ability to provide robust SharePoint recovery functionality. Mimosa NearPoint allows both fine-grained and coarse-grained recovery. For fine-grained recovery, NearPoint allows administrators to browse and search the SharePoint hierarchy via the NearPoint admin console to select a recovery scope (e.g., specific item) and destination. Content can then be restored to the original or to a new destination while NearPoint automatically resolves discrepancies and respects permissions. With coarse-grained recovery, NearPoint recovers full SharePoint environments. This provides both recovery and migration solutions for SharePoint components such as the front-end web server, content databases, shared service provider (SSP) databases, the configuration database, and the search database and search index files.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive capture of SharePoint content including:Capture of all content types including documents, lists, calendars, and workflows; Preserves relationships between sites and content; Continuous capture via Change Notification
  • Built-in SharePoint recovery and data protection including both: Fine-grained recovery; Coarse-grained recovery
  • Single-instance storage across all SharePoint content types, such as documents, images,  as well as across all other archived content (e.g., email, attachments, file system content)
  • Document versioning
  • Seamless end-user access via policy-based, transparent stubbing of SharePoint content
  • Centralized retention management for SharePoint content
  • Advanced eDiscovery workflow with search and review
  • Simple item-level legal hold
  • Easy-to-use archive policy wizard that walks administrators through the creation of policies and archiving rules
  • Easy to deploy as add-on module to the NearPoint platform


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5.0  (1)
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Does the trick and more

So far the software has helped me with what is claimed. I've not yet explored/enabled all of the features, but being able to recover data without the need for an recovery farm and the storage management functionality have been superb. Highly recommended.

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Able to recover data without recovery farm
Good storage management that keeps the index transparent to end users
Fairly easy to deploy
None so far
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