Riva Integration Server for Novell GroupWise

Riva Integration Server for Novell GroupWise

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Riva Integration Server for Novell GroupWise

Product Summary


Riva synchronises SharePoint and GroupWise contacts, appointments, groups and project tasks. Use Riva to add GroupWise Web Parts to the SharePoint Portal interface. Transparent, server-side integration means end-users do not need to install any client plug-ins.


  • GroupWise Web Part Integration for SharePoint
    Administrators can quickly and easily configure which GroupWise Web Parts to display in end-users' SharePoint Portal interface. Riva GroupWise Web Parts for SharePoint provide the same functionality and integration of GroupWise WebAccess for SharePoint as is availalbe for Outlook/Exchange for SharePoint.  Include the GroupWise Address Book view; Calendar single day, week and month view; Mailbox view and full client view.
  • GroupWise Calendar View in SharePoint
    Riva enhances corporate productivity and collaboration by integrating GroupWise calendar information directly into SharePoint. End-users benefit from native GroupWise WebAccess functionality and do not need to be re-trained. 
  • 3 Web Parts Configured for SharePoint
    Access Novell GroupWise WebAccess components directly in SharePoint. This view includes the user's GroupWise Mailbox, Address Book and Calendar. Users have full control over the size and position of each SharePoint Web Part. 
  • 5 Web Parts Configured for SharePoint
    Riva provides the same functionality of GroupWise WebAccess from the SharePoint Portal interface. Access the full GroupWise Mailbox view, WebAccess Address Book and Calendar (day view, week view and month view).
  • Transparent, Server-side Synchronisation
    Riva delivers bi-directional synchronisation of address books and tasks between GroupWise and SharePoint. All changes made in one application are synchronised to the other. Riva provides the ability to view SharePoint information in ALL GroupWise clients (including the BlackBerry). Because SharePoint appointments and issues are "team-based", synchronisation to GroupWise is uni-directional.


  • Riva provides integration and interoperability between Novell GroupWise and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Riva gives time back to your staff by transparently making GroupWise WebAccess information (contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, etc.) available within SharePoint and SharePoint data within ALL GroupWise clients (including BlackBerry)
  • Riva SharePoint and Portal Integration for GroupWise fosters and enhances corporate productivity and collaboration without the user having to change the way he uses GroupWise or SharePoint
  • Full BlackBerry and GroupWise Mobile Server mobile device client support (e.g., tasks marked as completed on your BlackBerry or GroupWise Mobile Server clients are marked as completed in SharePoint
  • Attachments associated with SharePoint® activities are available directly through GroupWise
  • GroupWise Web Part Portal Integration for SharePoint delivers transparent access to GroupWise WebAccess components directly through SharePoint Web Parts (e.g., Mailbox View, Address Book View, Calendar Views (day, week and month)
  • Riva SharePoint Integration for GroupWise is compatible with GroupWise 8 and 7.  Riva GroupWise Web Parts for SharePoint are compatible with GroupWise 8. 


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