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Simplify SharePoint document management

Our SharePoint implementation had started and stopped a few times, always with the same issue; how would we manage documents for the various departments and branches in our company without creating either a security risk or a management nightmare. Each approach we came up with led towards one of those risks. Metadata Security allowed us to use a single document management library that with a few additional metadata elements allows us to maintain security at the document level without burdening IT staff or the end user with a laborious publishing process.

With one security rule we allow the creator of a document to select the user group or groups who have Read, Modify or Full Control of the document.

As the MetaData Securty can be applied to any SharePoint list it has also allowed us simplfy our design and improve the end user experience by presenting only relevant information; again, with one simple security rule allowing Read, Modify or Full control access.

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Very simple to use.
Responsive and effective support.
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