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It does what it says it will do, and does it well

We're one of the 5 largest public school districts in the U.S. Our SharePoint operations are fairly straightforward, consisting of 3 separate environments (i.e. server farms) utilized as development, QA and production. We've long struggled with the challenge of deploying efficiently across environments, desiring mainly a tool capable of rendering the whole process routine. Not to mention significantly reducing the excessive time required to perform a deployment using SharePoint native methods.

With ROSS we've managed to accomplish exactly that, and deployments really have become routine. What could sometimes take literally days is now accomplished in minutes. Time savings is significant. I highly recommend both the company and the product.

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Easy install;
Excellent documentation;
Really useful log files - error messages aid significantly in finding and correcting problems;
Replicates practically all SharePoint objects and content;
Transactional w/ rollback;
RepliWeb - professional, responsive, personable, a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended;
It Works.
OK, no cons may appear suspect, but honestly anything I could put here would be nitpicky.
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