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For us iora/infonic was the only option. We are a large international corporate. SharePoint simply wouldnt have succeeded for our international offices and partners - or for our consultants without Infonics help. For smaller organisations who dont need to provide an Infonic standard full spec offline portal, there are much cheaper alternatives you should consider that give you document lists etc... offline.

For the server to server side we couldnt find anything with the depth or track record with huge clients like the navy that Infonic has. Again, for us price wasnt the main decision criteria - portal performance at internation locations was. There are cheaper options out there for less demanding / international users.

It will be interesting to see how long Infonic manage to maintain their significant technical leadership in this space. I hear MS have dropped plans to build Infonic level replication into SP so the field is wide open for a competitor.

Product Reviews

Having used infonic (previously iOra) sharepoint replication for four years across out enterprize. Business consultants benefit massively from having the corporate portal available on the laptop. The look/feel is exaclty consistent with our online portal - so retraining isnt required - great aspect of solution. We have now just started using infonic's s2s replication for local sharepoint portals for a number of international offices. The deployment has been fast and simple. The infonic technical folks were great and have jumped on planes when required. It is delivering exactly the bandwidth efficiencies they promised us. Very impressed all round with these guys. They came recommended - and I would recommend them.
Quite a bit more expensive than the alternatives.
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