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Metavis Migration Suite - The Ultimate SP Migration tool

Without a shadow of doubt, there are many SharePoint migration tools currently in the market. However, what sets Metavis apart from the rest is the strong reputation of the company and its amazing team behind the tool. Dealing with having to migrate clients' documents which amount to millions of dollars, Metavis team provides a strong assurance that my clients' documents will be migrated securely and efficiently onto SharePoint.

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- Flexible metadata tagging.
- Excellent customer service and tech support.
- Metavis team was able to customize their tool to meet our project requirements. i.e. Pre-migration analysis and capability of defining new set of characters to replace SP invalid characters.
- Capability to store a list of files that failed to upload into SP in .CSV format for easy post-migration review.
- Performance is relatively stable and fast.
- Easy drag and drop feature and user-friendly interface.
- Pre-analysis feature takes too long to analyze huge number of files and might fail to produce an excel spreadsheet. However, since this feature is in its beta stage and is newly implemented, more improvement is expected.
- Migration progress is not displayed accurately - unable to tell at what percentage the migration is currently at. E.g. the percentage of migration progress remains at 100% eventhough there are still more files to upload.
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