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A Simple Tool with Loads of Power

An amazingly simple tool that provides huge amounts of power. Site Migration Manager (SMM) gives the user a simple copy and paste interface to copy items from one site collection to another. The user is able to copy everything from, multiple webs, single webs, webparts, pages, lists, list views, down to single items. A configuration menu before each copy begins provides the user with the ability to customize how the copy is performed: ignore certain items, certain libraries, map content columns, copy permissions, do not copy webparts, the options are very powerful. A with a simple clean interface which puts alot of power in the hands of its user.

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*Easy setup and configuration - using existing credentials or custom credentials
*Copy and Paste interface provide a simple interface for copying over huge amounts of content from one area to another - user can copy Sites, Lists, Permissions, Views, SPListItems
*Supports MOSS to MOSS Migrations, SPS 2003 to MOSS Migration, and SPS 2003 to SPS 2003 Migrations.
*Extensive logging capabilities give a clear picture of what happened during and after the migration
*Batch scripting capabilities allow for multiple actions to be chained together (Batches can be saved locally to disk for re-use)
*Granularity - you can migrate a whole web, a list, a view, all the way down to a single item
*Included service extends the functionality available to the tool
*Amazingly simple!
*Product team is easily accessible and answers emails in a prompt fashion.
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