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Our company purchased Docave SharePoint Backup after visiting NY user group and someone recommended their tool over Quest, but i've been somewhat disappointed, especially in the beginning. It provides good functionality in line of itemlevel restoration, but so do many other tools these days. And some of the functionality Docave backup offers we will just never be using. Since it’s not cheap this is something to consider if you are thinking about buying Docave backup – you may be overpaying for features you don’t need.

Now the backup schedules seem to be running and worked fine when we tested the recovery in staging. So far we had no restoration requests in production environment, and I hope we will not. However, it was very hard to get off the ground – their user guide is around 500 pages, seriously. I bought 2-server Backup agent, and I got a 500 page user guide for ALL their modules. Since Avepoint has a very weak knowledgebase, you may want to request user guide for backup only, to save yourself some trouble. One more note worth mentioning - we wanted to upgrade to version 5, but when we called Avepoint support they suggested to wait. Said “the build is not stable and no upgrade tool available”. And that was one month post release! Next year, when our maintenance expires, we will be testing out Quest tools and DPM, but I don’t know if they are any better. I guess we’ll find out…

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integration with other Avepoint products (but not included in the backup product price – we only tested during the trial, but didn’t buy those)
too complex, difficult to get started, horrendously large user guide, expensive
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