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Must have product in your admin toolbox

I had a hard time finding negatives with this product. It did everything that I needed it to do, and it plugged a big hole for me when needing to restore documents quickly. If you run a critical SharePoint shop, then this product can help keep your mind at ease when you will inevitably need to restore lost or deleted data. I highly recommend this product, and you should at the very least download the trial to see how it can help you.

Product Reviews

• Very lightweight requiring only about 5MB of hard drive space and 256MB of RAM
• Can be installed on remote client machines rather than on the server
• Very low impact on server resources
• Can read/write from any machine on the domain connected to the farm
• Can restore individual SharePoint items and documents to the local machine
• Compare backup copies of the site to the live production site
• Copy data on the fly from backup to live site or live site to live site
• Saves your current session when you exit the application, so no need to reconnect to databases or sites
• Compatible in x64 environments

New Features

• Added the ability to connect directly to offline mdf database files
• Added the ability to search live sites and backups for specific SharePoint content
• Added the ability to sort the items view and search results screens
• Added ability to preserve content types on lists during restore or copy processes
• Can now migrate and restore permissions, including item level permissions and groups
• Can now view historical versions of documents when versioning has been turned on
• Can now restore an item directly from the log viewer when comparing data
• Bundled help topics
• Cannot open multiple .bak files at the same time if they represent separate databases. You must do them individually.
• Relies on native SharePoint and/or SQL Server backups
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