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Cut Your Restore Time to Minutes, Not Hours or Day

Amazing Product!

We have configured this to recovery directly from a TSM Archive. No Need for Standby Recovery Farms. Search before you retrieve information.

What previously took 3 engineers to do restore 1 document is now simplified to just 1 user.
We use to have 1 Backup Engineer to load backup in the archive, 1 DBA to restore sql litespeed back to sql server. 1 moss engineer to add content db to recovery web application.

Not to mention the time to recovery was taking so long and we hope we got the right document.

Even more talk to the developers @

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Include a New Web Interface for delegation to helpdesk or 2nd level staff to request restores
Reduces IT Administration overhead from SQL / Backup or TSM Engineers to have media accessible.
Leverage you existing Backup Solution
Not used for SSP and Farm Config Recovery
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