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Pretty Complete Solution with Latest Version

NetWorker has got a lot of features in general. For SharePoint it's similar - a number of things you can do as far as backup/recovery. If you're in a simple environment - good and straightforward. If you've got massive farms and are running SAN storage, you can do some pretty interesting snapshot-based jobs too - but takes some setup to do it.

Having both farm and item level is a plus.

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Has both farm level (DBs, etc.) and granular (sites, folders, docs, etc.) backup and recovery for SharePoint. Performs well (granular takes longer due to indexing overhead, but you can choose which parts you need this for to cut down on size of backup) Can do dedupe type backup if you put in the Avamar product as well.
Two backups - one for Farm - one for Granular. SharePoint backup in general is complex - so there's a bit to set here to get started - but once it's in - you're good.
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