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A powerful yet simple backup solution

We switched to DPM from a Symantec solution. This was more due to cost saving thanks to an enterprise agreement and less to due with the feature sets. We have been very happy with the decision and prefer the simplicity of DPM. We were a bit surprised by the resources, specifically RAM, that was required. The sizing calculator that Microsoft provides was nowhere close when it comes to the amount of RAM we needed. In fact, we maxed out the RAM in our DPM servers and they still have a RAM bottleneck.

Overall, we are very pleased with the product and it has saved us on several occasions.

Product Reviews

It integrates with Microsoft products as well or better than any other product out there.
With service pack 1, it is a complete solution for SharePoint backup.
Built on top of MS SQL Server
It does require a lot of resources if it is backing up a lot of data.
The interface is almost too simple. It is lacking some of the features other products have. This could also be considered a pro.
Version Reviewed
2007 SP1
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