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Idera SharePoint Backup
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Poor performance

In the two years we have owned this product, I have not been able to pull a single restore off of it. Once you get backups running, this is about the most cumbersome and slow program out there. Click, get a cup of coffee. Really, its that bad. Our Content database is at 120 gig, and we have a customer database that the product really cant handle. I had to split up the customer database into 6 different backups, because once you get too much data in a single backup, the product slows down to an unusable point. Also - with something like a customer database, you have to add in the new customers manually - the product wont do it. And with 10 to 20 additions a day, it becomes a difficult task. I do not recommend this product at all. If you do test it, test it with ALL of your data.

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Nice interactive GUI
INCREDIBLY Slow, difficult to keep current
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