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Nintex Analytics 2010
Auditing & Reporting
(Updated: January 12, 2013)

Business Insight into SharePoint Adoption

Nintex has put together a very rich set of data right out of the gates. The canned reporting data you get is rich and useful for IT and the business. Those responsible for ensure that adoption is happening are definitely going to be interested in getting their hands on these reports. They are exportable to PDF and Excel, so you can even print them. If you don't know what you're looking for, that's ok, they've got most of what you're looking for and a lot more that can be easily put together in data sets and templates. Invest as little or as much time as you'd like. In my mind the quickest ROI is on telling your people with highly confidential data that they can subscribe to a report or even better "Watch a document" or site and when people start hitting those documents the emails will help them understand why they moved to SharePoint in the first place. This feature is golden. Hope you're excited about that one as well. I hope it does settle the question about how well we can manage what is really happening in SharePoint… and I think that's really the value out of what you'll get out of Nintex Analytics. A better understanding of what really is going on in our environment.

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