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Content Inventory by IntranetFactory
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Useful right out of the box

Minutes after purchasing and downloading the software (I had already tried out the demo)I was able to create a spreadsheet of the 3200+ items on our Intranet. The spreadsheet was clearly labeled and the program seemed remarkably intelligent about what it picked up and how it identified it in the spreadsheet. I was able to import this directly into another Sharepoint list, which immediately gave me the ability to filter by the given fields and start analyzing site contents. The best part is that the inventory captures the actual link from the original Sharepoint site, so I can immediately pull up the item in question. Program paid for itself in the first use; I have used other free utilities but their output was not nearly so clean or so useful. Highly recommended.

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Easy, cheap, fast, comprehensive. Intelligent about what it captures and how it displays.
None so far
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