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Security explorer makes it worth the money

Site Administrator for SharePoint runs within the Quest Management Console for SharePoint, and is one of a suite of five products Quest provides for SharePoint. It includes four tools: a site browser, a report manager (the reports are not very useful), a policy manager (very few people use this) and a recently added Security Explorer.

The site browser is the core of the product. It allows you to browse through all of your SharePoint sites and the objects they contain, via a treeview control on the left. Right-clicking on any object in the treeview provides a submenu of various tasks. For instance, right-clicking on a document library gives you several options, one of which is "Customize". Choosing "Customize" brings the document library's settings page into the right pane of the management console. Being able to access and act upon all of your SharePoint sites and objects from one console like this is a real timesaver.

The "Security Explorer", which allows you to control all users and permissions for all of your SharePoint sites plus perform powerful filtered searches for users, groups and/or permission type, is a big plus. It's inclusion makes Site Administrator worth the price tag.

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Full featured product that includes a powerful security tool. See description.
Uses SQL Server Report Services, which makes it a bit hard to install. Because Site Administrator makes use of SQL Server Reporting Services for reporting, you need to own a copy of SQL Server 2005 and install SSRS (not always an easy task). You can create custom reports but only on the SharePoint data that Site Administrator exposes, which is not much. Also, the Security Explorer uses a "Script Logic" web service for some reason that kept giving me login errors when I tried to browse my SharePoint sites but I managed to get around it by putting my sites manually into the "Favorites" list. Since the Security Explorer was a purchased product which Quest just slipped into their SharePoint console, it seems that it's not completely integrated yet.
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