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ControlPoint by Axceler

A Relief To All SharePoint Managers

For any middle to large sized organisation who are using either MOSS or WSS this is the SharePoint Management console you have been waiting for.

It really does do the lot and lets you really take control and be a SharePoint Big Brother. If your an IT Manager responsible for SharePoint you have problem been asked what permissions has so and so got or can you give 'so and so A' the same permissions as 'so and so B'. With ControlPoint you can do this with a few clicks.

On its own the permission settings get my vote, but there is much much more. Like the ability to change the logo on all the sites from just one place. So the next time those clever marketing guys say we have just redesigned the company logo to change the shade of green you can make the change on all of the sites in under a minute.

The more you look into ControlPoint 3 the more you realise just what you have been missing and I don't just mean the lovely graphs.

This is one SharePoint application I would happily recommend.

Andy Dale

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Allows you to find all the permissons each user has across all the sites.
Can move complete sites across servers.
Full useage reports can be sent to managers.
Accessed via browser.
Cheaper then expected
Needs a short training course to really be able to use all the functionality.
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