Ontolica Preview 2013

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Ontolica Preview 2013

Ontolica Preview 2013 is a preview solution that will improve end-user productivity in SharePoint. With instant first page preview, detailed full document preview and inDocument search, Ontolica Preview will drastically impact end-user productivity.

Enterprise class document previews

Ontolica Preview is a true enterprise class solution, which supports virtually any file format and content source accessible to SharePoint. With Ontolica Preview, content is viewable from almost any computer, smart phone, or tablet with minimum client implementation on existing SharePoint farm infrastructures.

View and print over 500 file formats in SharePoint

With Ontolica, content previews are quickly available to view, scale, and print without native client applications. For example, Ontolica Preview enables users to view CAD drawings and InDesign layouts without the need to install AutoCAD or InDesign. Ontolica supports over 500 different documents and file formats making it the most comprehensive file support platform available.

Key Features Product Functionality:

  • Full document and web page preview
  • Preview and print 500 file formats including PDF, DWG, and email
  • inDocument search with hit highlighting
  • Relevant page suggestions
  • Search query highlights
  • Variable zoom & snap-to-screen width or length
  • Fast and responsive with pre-cached previews
  • Preview in search results and Document Libraries

Enterprise Class Technology:

  • Preview content located outside SharePoint
  • Previews without Office Web Apps Server
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Load balanced process offloading optional
  • Thin client with no plug-ins for mobile support
  • Optimized for preview on public web sites
  • No-coding – 100% configurable in administration UI

Previews documents on file shares

Ontolica Preview delivers transparent support for content residing on file shares to provide a consistent user interface experience regardless of where the item is stored. Fast and responsive with pre-cached previews Previewing of documents and other content in SharePoint enables end-users to quickly identify information that is applicable to them. Ontolica Preview makes relevant information available instantly with first-page and pre-cached preview images that provide a latency-free end-user experience.

Search enabled preview Ontolica

Preview includes powerful findability functionality to empower the end-users to quickly decide if a given document contains relevant information. With inDocument search long documents are quickly analyzed to find and highlight relevant passages. Intuitive zoom controls ensure that the fine print is legible, even on small mobile and tablet screens.


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