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SharePoint Classifier by BoostSolutions

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Bulk Upload, Edit, Tag, Approve, Check in, Copy and Move documents directly in SharePoint.

Index multiple documents
Index multiple documents/list items quickly during document classification.

Map metadata with any field
Map and dynamically assign metadata value with any field in the current list.

Append changes to existing value
Append changes to any multiple value columns simply by clicking a checkbox when you index multiple documents.

Edit documents individually with preview
Edit documents individually with preview (currently only PDF documents and images are supported) to help you quickly and accurately index documents.
Reuse your existing metadata
Reuse your existing metadata by setting any metadata field as a default value for subsequent document or list item.

Bulk check in documents
Bulk check in documents when indexing multiple documents, including the option to choose different versions and add comments.
Bulk approve/reject documents or list items
Bulk approve/reject multiple documents or list items with content approval features provided with SharePoint 2010.
Bulk tagging
Bulk tag with the social tagging features introduced with SharePoint 2010. Tags can be shared and used by enterprises to ensure compliance with industry or government standards.

Bulk copy/move list items and documents
Migrate documents, list items and folders between SharePoint lists or libraries. Item permissions, Version History, Attachments and Authors and Timestamps can be preserved during data migration.

Virtual Clipboard
Migrate items, files and folders with the virtual clipboard function. The source fields and the destination fields will be mapped automatically in the background.

The following shortcuts are supported:
Ctrl + Shift + X: Cut files to Clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + C: Copy files to Clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + V: Paste files
Auto Numbering
The Auto Number feature can be used to uniquely identify and classify any document. A document numbering scheme needs to be set up in one document library first; once a document comes into that library, the specific field will then be replaced by a generated value according to the document numbering scheme.
100% built within SharePoint
All these features are 100% built within SharePoint, with a familiar SharePoint interface and excellent out-of-the-box experience for administrators and end users.


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