KnowledgeLake Unify for SharePoint

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KnowledgeLake Unify for SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Unify surfaces SharePoint content to business applications to enable users to search, reference and archive documents in SharePoint without leaving familiar business applications. Gain instant access to any document the moment it is needed.

Unify Feature Highlights

  •  Search and retrieve unstructured content from SharePoint with one click of the Unify button that is embedded in your business application
  • Unify is context-aware; the button only displays when integrations are available within your business application (e.g. per-screen or per-tab)
  •  One click “Scan and Index” to SharePoint
  •  Automatically tag SharePoint content with data extracted from business applications
  •  Configurations are centrally managed in SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Unify Button
The context-aware Unify button appears within a user’s business application when a SharePoint integration/action can be started

Unify Technical Highlights

  • Integrate SharePoint with any Windows-based or browser-based business application
  • Unify configurations can be stored in SharePoint document libraries for enhanced security

Flexible Configuration
Unify’s Configuration Wizard allows KnowledgeLake to provide fast and low-cost integrations

Unify Business Benefits

  • Increase user productivity by quickly locating documents and minimizing manual data entry
  • High adoption rate because users continue to work with familiar business applications versus learning a new user interface
  • Users retrieve and view documents directly from the business application, keeping focus on the current work environment and minimizing distractions
  • Increased productivity through faster access to documents; meaning faster processing and routing of applications, invoices, approvals, and workflow completion
  • Access customer documents immediately from any business application, improving customer response time and satisfaction

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