SQL View Web Part by Bamboo Solutions

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SQL View Web Part by Bamboo Solutions

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SharePoint does not currently provide an easy way to work with popular reporting systems since all SharePoint list data is in the same database table. Field names are generic, making it difficult to retrieve information. The SQL View Web Part is especially useful when users have the need to build and run ad-hoc reports. A user can take standard SharePoint list data (such as announcements, tasks, events, etc.), automatically create a SQL statement, and turn it into a SQL view or embed it into any ad-hoc report.

With the SharePoint SQL Web Part you can:

  • Build a SQL query statement from any list starting from the top-level site, and all its sub-sites.
  • Retrieve field information from joined lists through lookups.
  • Automatically create a view in the SQL database.
  • Install SQL View on one web front end server and it is deployed to all web front end servers in your server farm.

How It Works: First, select the site where your list resides, then select the list. You can only see the lists that you have permission to access. The user can then select the fields within the list to be included in the SQL query statement, including external fields referenced by a lookup field. A SQL query statement is generated for the selected fields, which can be copied and pasted to a report tool, or a SQL View can be created automatically in the SQL database to be used by the report tool.


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