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MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint

MetaVis Architect Suite combines SharePoint information architecture, migration, and security tools in one platform making it easy to design, migrate and manage SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007 or 2003 content. 

MetaVis Architect Suite helps you design, deploy, migrate and secure SharePoint.  With one tool companies can organize SharePoint content, improve SharePoint architecture and migrate content from file shares or earlier versions of SharePoint.

Architect Suite offers:

  • Migrate Content: Bulk migrate and copy entire lists, libraries, sites and site collection along with web parts, views, permissions, versions, and other commonly used SharePoint objects.
  • Maintain Metadata: Classify or reclassify documents as you migrate and preserve created and modified properties.
  • Copy Items: Copy multiple items between folders, lists, sites or farms while simultaneously enriching or retaining content types and metadata.
  • Upload from File Shares: Bulk load files and folders from file shares into a SharePoint library while assigning content types and metadata; map values from folder names or file system properties to SharePoint fields.
  • GUI Design Interface: Graphical design environment to create, manage and document SharePoint objects, including sites, list/libraries, content types (and their relationships), column groups and columns.
  • Centralized Taxonomy Management: Automate, manage and deploy changes, taxonomy updates and structure between multiple SharePoint environments and maintain SharePoint taxonomies in a central location for system wide awareness of your taxonomy structures.
  • Site Comparison: Visually identify differences between two sites with a side-by-side comparison.
  • Permissions Management: SharePoint permissions management allows you to browse, add, edit and delete SharePoint groups, users, permissions and permission levels in a visual hierarchical structure of site collections, sites, lists and individual items across site collections and farms.
  • Security Analysis: Graphical and CSV reports include Permissions to Users and Groups, Orphaned Users and Permission Inheritance.

Architect Suite is agentless. MetaVis tools utilize the SharePoint API so there are never any required server side controls to install or deploy.Architect Suite supports Office 365, SharePoint 2013, all previous versions of SharePoint, hosted or on-premises.  Available for both Windows and Mac OS X.


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MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint
MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint
MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint

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MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint 2009-11-30 03:19:32 Marc D Anderson
Reviewed by Marc D Anderson    November 30, 2009
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Great Tool for Content Migration

My client had a 5000+ item Document Library which needed significant restructuring. I used Architect to copy the items to a new list with a different folder structure and remap the metadata. I ran into some Architect bugs, which the MetaVis team fixed for me basically in real time, giving me access to the QA release. All in all, a highly positive and successful experience for me and for my client. I plan to use Architect in any similar situation again.

Product Reviews

Intuitive and powerful interface.
Extremely helpful and responsive sales and development teams.
I was using Architect on an old Windows XP machine, and it ran quite slowly. This could have been due to the machine, of course.
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MetaVis Architect Suite for SharePoint 2009-11-22 23:34:23 Erin
Reviewed by Erin    November 22, 2009
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Early impressions

I just starting using this tool and I have found that the graphical interface for this tool is well laid out and easy to understand. This tool provides a more efficient way for me and my colleagues to provision and synchronize sites across farms.

When dealing with large amounts of data I noticed a significant reduction in UI responsiveness. For example, if I selected 1000 items from a forms library on one farm to synch with another farm, I can drag and drop selected items but the visual cue that I am dragging and dropping doesn't show up until 5-8 seconds after I have dropped. Therefore, it took me awhile to realize it was working.

Once the drag and drop had been performed, it took a very long time to process.

Product Reviews

Easy to read and use
Synchronization doesn't scale well for large amounts of data
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most recent as of Nov. 2009
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