SharePoint View Filtered Lookup Component by IT-Dev

SharePoint View Filtered Lookup Component by IT-Dev

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SharePoint View Filtered Lookup Component by IT-Dev

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View Filtered Lookup allows you to create a lookup column that points to a view of target list. In new or edit form items in dropdown list are filtered and sorted using the selected view. You just create a view on a lookup list defining filtering and sorting criteria and then wherever in you portal you can create lookup columns that point to this specified view of lookup list. It's easy to set up and simplifies your portal architecture with filter and cross-site functionality.

If you have many items in your Sharepoint lists you probably noticed that lookup columns are not working good. In most cases you wouldn't like to see all items lookup dropdown, but filter lookup list to see only some items. Typical examples of such situation:

  • You want to create lookup from task to a project, but not all projects in projects list, but only open projects. After you complete several projects in your company you need to move closed projects from project list or picking right project from list becomes laborious.
  • Another good example is when you have one list with both suppliers and customers. When you need to lookup from invoice to supplier it is better to filter out those items which represent other entities than active suppliers. Of course some customers can be also suppliers so keeping two different lists is not a good option.

View Filtered Lookup is a SharePoint field type which extends the standard OOB lookup features:

  • Items in lookup dropdown are filtered and sorted using a target list view.
  • Lookup list scope can be picked from a site-collection scope;
  • Support for custom portal permissions;
  • Support for restricted permission environments: WSS_Minimal and WSS_Medium;
  • Can be instantiated in a Sharepoint solution (.wsp) without programming;
  • Basic support for Office Client: you may view and edit not filtered lookup values in Office client applications; 
  • Lookup column converter: you may change built in lookup into filtered lookup and vice versa any time!


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