SharePics for Multimedia Files by ShareOne

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SharePics for Multimedia Files by ShareOne

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SharePics helps you organize all multimedia files in your organization from within SharePoint. This will give your organization the unique possibility to share all images/pictures/videos etc to all users in the complete organization.

SharePics extends the existing functionality so that an administrator can upload photo’s in batches (photo albums), give these batches the needed metadata (i.e. the pictures of the school trip to Disney World 2008) so all photo’s are archived in a structured way. The solution also extracts the EXIF data from the images and uses this to fill out metadata such as ‘date picture taken’. The other EXIF data is saved in a property so it can be used to search through. An administrator can choose to submit the photo’s directly (publish them) or wait for a later moment to publish them.

Furthermore the SharePics solutions offers an easy way for users for finding their multimedia files by using an easy search screen.  In this search screen a user can search through all photo’s by giving in keywords. Also users can search using and/or combinations. After finding the files users can start different actions such as download the photo’s or email the photo’s. When selecting these actions a user can decide to resize the pictures so they aren’t send in the original file format.

In addition, users, when downloading or emailing, can fill out a media field for which purpose they used the photo’s, when filled out, a user can search all pictures that , in example,  aren’t used in ‘PC Magazine’ for an item review.

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