Clipboard Manager for SharePoint by KWizCom

Clipboard Manager for SharePoint by KWizCom

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Clipboard Manager for SharePoint by KWizCom

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With Clipboard Manager, SharePoint content editors and contributors can take images from their MS Windows Clipboard as well as any rich-text (formatted text, images, and tables) from a MS Word document and save it in SharePoint, using only copy/paste actions.

The Business Need

When upgrading a document knowledgebase into SharePoint Wiki, customers usually struggle with copying material. For example, MS Word documents that include rich-text, tables or images, cannot just be copied in the Wiki.The copying process is long and cumbersome and requires saving and uploading each embedded item to a SharePoint Library, then copying the plain text and then reformatting the plain text and the uploaded embedded items into a single document again.

Clipboard Manager eliminates this process completely, enabling customers to simply and quickly copy/paste images and rich content into SharePoint rich-text fields.


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4.3  (2)
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Does the job webb

good little tool and one that should be embedded in the product by Microsoft!

Product Reviews

Installs simply
copies form clipboard well with or without formatting
great for transferring word content with images
requires client install
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(Updated: March 18, 2015)

It does the Job

The product installs for all site collections. Our environment this isn't an issue, but some businesses may have concerns.

For folks that run SharePoint 2010 make sure you are running PowerShell version 2. (As this is the supported PowerShell version per Microsoft. ) So if you're server has a non supported version of PowerShell installed you will have difficulty running the script. i.e. running "Powershell -v 2" command doesn't natively work.

Product Reviews

Product works as advertised. I can paste in images from my clipboard and copying from MS Word.

Installation was straight forward. One of the first SharePoint addons I was able to install without needing to call tech support.
Requires a desktop client to be installed on the workstation. Not a huge problem since the installer is an msi for easy deployment. I wish I could've just removed .5 from the rating vs a whole point since this is such a minor issue.
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