SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field Type by KWizCom

SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field Type by KWizCom

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SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field Type by KWizCom

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The SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field type is a new lookup field type that brings added capabilities that implementers found lacking in out of the box SharePoint Lookup fields: Cascading fields ("master-details"); Cross-site lookups; Filtered lookups; Dual (two-way) lookup

With SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field you can:

  • Create cascading fields
  • Easily filter field values by other fields in the same List. Example: Want to display "Region", "Country" and "City" fields, where each one filters the next field?
  • Create a two-way connection between lists
    By using this feature you finally can implement a true relational model in SharePoint (yes – just like in "normal" database applications!).
  • The SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus field enables you to create "dual lookup" field. In other words, when you create a lookup from one list to another, a reverse lookup is automatically created. For example: when you create a lookup field in the “Orders” list that connects each order to a customer in the “Customers” list (see below), a reverse lookup will automatically be created in the customers list.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Feature KWizCom Lookup Plus field WSS/MOSS Lookup field
  • Compatible with MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0 
  • Supports Cascading fields ("City" filtered by "Country") 
  • Supports multiple master fields ( field that is filtered by the combination of several master fields - for use with many to many connection lists) 
  • Automatically creates a bi-directional connection between items 
  • Enables the filtering of the displayed items in the lookup field according to a view defined in the target list
  • Cross site lookup - enables the creation of lookup field for lists that are located on different sites.
  • Creates a “CRM-like” interface-on every item’s “View Properties” page, you can display all the connected items in a grid display. 
  • Enables the conversion of lookup fields to KWizCom Cascading Lookup Plus fields 
  • Enables paging, filtering and sorting 
  • Enables changing a field from single to multiple value 
  • Enables creating new item using the "create new item" link 
  • Enables calculated column reference for this type of column 
  • Compliant with the accessibility standard (WCAG) 
  • Cross-Browser support (IE, Firefox and Google Chrome support) 
  • Multi-lingual (standard for all KWizCom components) 

Editor review


Lots of options, 3 in 1 product!

This is a great product that really combines three major features that can be useful to any SharePoint implementation. You can do cascading columns, two-way lookups for order entry systems and simple cross-site lookups all from the same product. The skins are a plus, and there are a ton of options when you configure your lists with this field type. This product receives 4 stars though for the lack of documentation and the problems encountered when using site templates. If these two issues are addressed, then it easily becomes a 5 star product.

Product Reviews

Cascading columns with multiple master fields
Two-way lookups, which are useful for a customer's order history
Cross-site lookups of any list
Filtered lookups
Convert standard lookup fields to cascading plus fields
Many skins to choose from for the drop down lists
Compatible with FireFox and Chrome
No online or bundled documentation
A tad pricey for most just looking for cascading columns
Had a lot of trouble using cascading columns with site templates
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SOX Framework optimized through cascading lookups

I think the product brings useful extra functionality to sharepoint. Once you have started using it to optimize sites you cannot live without.

Product Reviews

Enhanced the user experience as the lookup funcionality provided a good overview between the mani lists holding information.
The filter option through views makes it easier to find the relevant items to link.
Lookups costs power and can quickly slow down the speed on the sharepoint site.
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