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SPTechCon 2012 was well worth the time and money

I thoroughly enjoyed the event. The speakers were great and I liked the variety of classes available. There is information for corporations just beginning SharePoint to advanced topics for returning attendees. This event has helped me in formulating an implementation strategy for my company for SharePoint 2010. I will be attending the SPTechCon 2012 in Boston. I only have a few minor concerns about the event.

1). I was under the impression the full day workshops were where we could get some hands-on experience, but they were not. I never attended this before, so I did not know what to expect.

2). I wish they had full breakfast at the conference. This was minor issue just in the conferences I have attended (mostly Microsoft) they always had full breakfast. Even so the amount of food available during breakfast we very adequate.

3). I wish the exhibition hall opened up on Monday instead of Tuesday. It was hard visiting all the vendors I would have liked to visit and get to talk to them and do demos.

Other than those 3 minor things, which have not swayed my opinion of going back, this conference is definitely worth every penny for me. I met quite a lot of people as well.

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San Francisco, CA
Feb 22-25, 2012
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