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SP TechCon San Francisco 2012 Review

I enjoyed this conference from an overall planning perspective. It was a good way to see the extent of SharePoint possibilities (in terms of capabilities, add-ons, development, and customization). Since I am new to SharePoint (as power user), I would have liked someone to ask which sessions they would recommend so I could better choose one session over another. Also, I had a few beginner questions that I could not get answered so that reinforced the need for focused, in-depth training. I do wish that Microsoft would stop saying how easy it is to use because there are so many layers to SharePoint 2010. Training is necessary to do it right. As far as the location, the Hilton was nice (if a little unpredictable in terms of meeting rooms that were sometimes freezing cold and spotty wireless). The event planners and hotel catering did a great job with the menu, breaks, etc. I like that they offered water from dispensers instead of having plastic water bottles all of the time.

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Hilton San Francisco
Feb 26-29, 2012
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