Connector for SharePoint File Share Integration by AvePoint

Connector for SharePoint File Share Integration by AvePoint

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Connector for SharePoint File Share Integration by AvePoint

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Utilize DocAve Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2010 to collaborate upon network file shares and cloud storage resources directly through SharePoint without migration. Connected content – including documents, audio, and video files – appears as normal SharePoint content through existing or customizable SharePoint libraries. Manage connected content with all of SharePoint's powerful functionality, including permissions management, workflows, alerts, and versioning.

  • Use SharePoint to manage file share content to increase user adoption
  • Unify the delivery, presentation, and management of petabytes of file share content through SharePoint
  • Avoid potentially long and costly migration projects
  • Free up valuable space on Microsoft SQL Server content databases
  • Achieve complete SharePoint integration with full index and search support
  • Automatically provision SharePoint Libraries with a fully customizable Software Development Kit (SDK)

Full-Featured Management of File Share Content: File share content can be managed using all of SharePoint’s management and collaboration tools – including versioning, workflows, and alerts – as well as the DocAve Platform's data protection and management solutions, all as if it was residing directly in SharePoint’s SQL database.

Automatically Provision Document or Media Libraries: With DocAve Connector SDK, administrators can now automatically provision, configure, synchronize, and deploy file share libraries, granting unmatched flexibility to expose file share content in SharePoint.

Import-free Streaming of Audio/Video Files: All wmv, wma, mp3, aac, vp6, mp4, mpeg, mpg, avi, and wav files residing in an attached file share can be directly streamed for presentation via SharePoint without the need for migration.

Support for all Network File Shares and Cloud Storage Systems: Connect any network addressable file share or cloud-based storage system directly to SharePoint platforms.

Seamless Integration with SharePoint Search: All attached file share data is fully integrated with SharePoint’s native, full-text search functionality, as well as all other search tools leveraging standard SharePoint APIs.

Comprehensive Support for Custom Metadata and Column Types: All attached file share content can be associated with any of SharePoint’s standard and customized metadata fields, and appended with any variety of column type.

Native Permissions Management: Security settings and permissions for all attached file share data are integrated with SharePoint’s permissions management.

Total Interactivity with Client Office Applications and Third-Party Tools: Attached content can be presented and modified directly through Microsoft Office applications, or acted upon by third-party tools, just as if the content resided in SharePoint’s SQL database.

Fast Delivery for all Media Files: Audio and video files are streamed directly to the browser. Dedicated media library caches files through the Content Distribution Network for fast, intelligent delivery.

Event-based Synchronization between File Shares and SharePoint: Fully customizable synch-options enable event-based synchronization between SharePoint and file shares, ensuring that the latest content is always presented in the file share.

Full Platform Integration: DocAve Connector is fully integrated with DocAve storage optimization products to clean, archive, and tier legacy data storage systems. Manage file shares with automated, business-rule driven storage policies.


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Hipoe but where is the beef?

Couldn't get it to work.

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Can't find any.
For the price they want to charge, the documentation isn't very good. Downloaded a trial of the DocAve 5 and the Doc_Ave_v5_User_Guide.pdf Step through all of the steps to install the Agent on the servers and the Manager. The inter face looks good but once you click on any of the tab/function nothing is intuitive. Even following the steps in the 830 page there is nothing that explains what anything is or how the pieces are supposed to work together. All of the Overview materials appear to be sales pitches. There is no Help available for the DocAve manager even though there is a help buton.
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