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Coveo Enterprise Search

Coveo's Enterprise Search connects people to information from every nook, cranny and corner of your corporate knowledge base—no matter what form or format the information is in. Seamless information access at the speed of modern business through a familiar browsing experience means better-informed people driving better business.

  • Fast, seamless information access to enterprise repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Simple and familiar, consumer-like browser drives award-winning, enterprise-class speed, reach, security, and scalability.
  • Solution can be downloaded, deployed, and in use in typically less than 24 hours

Search and Results Features:

  • Using sophisticated algorithms and advanced linguistic techniques, Coveo delivers accurate, duplicate-free results, contextual excerpts and summarization with highlighted query terms.
  • Familiar, consumer-like browser requires little or no user orientation
  • Presents contextual excerpts, key concepts and intelligent summary for each result
  • Powerful search facets enable rapid drill-down by dynamically identifying groupings or clusters of related results
  • Automatically removes duplicate results Provides straightforward filtering options
  • Enables in-line document summaries and concepts, thumbnails, pop-up quick views and RSS feeds

Indexing Features:

  • Out of the box, administrators can index any content repository using the Open Connector API. Indexes content from enterprise repositories using a library of powerful connectors, including, Microsoft Exchange, Documentum, Symantec
    Enterprise Vault, Microsoft SharePoint, Novell Netware, Lotus Notes, and more
  • Unifies data located in different geographies into a single, integrated set of index results
    using distributed indexing capabilities Includes API connectivity to Google OneBox for Enterprise
  • Updates index while processing queries without system interruption
  • Automatically monitors and indexes new, deleted or updated documents, including
    security/permission changes, in real time

Security Features:

  • Coveo delivers secure search out of the box.
  • Integrates deep security through the use of early- and late- binding document security,
    single sign-on support and a flexible Security Provider API
  • Seamlessly integrates Windows file access permissions, including NTFS/NTLM/Active
  • Directory file-level, SharePoint container level and Microsoft Exchange folder-level, for uncompromised security
  • Can restrict information sources to specific users and groups based on Windows domains and Active Directories credentials
  • Determines user permissions using a comprehensive security map
  • Uses index content browsing to determine user permissions on individual documents

User reviews

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Product Reviews
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Coveo Enterprise Search 2012-09-20 13:48:05 CG
Reviewed by CG    September 20, 2012

The most versatile enterprise search system

We evaled Microsoft, Google and Coveo as the 3 leaders, hands down Coveo was the best, in terms of setup, configuration and business change adaptibility. Started with intranets and file shares and used as an eDiscovery tool. Excellent support as well!

Product Reviews

Easy to setup and configure, large number of connectors available.
Not exactly a con, but a change on the UI in Sharepoint, it is an additional install and will replace Microsoft search box.
Version Reviewed
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Coveo Enterprise Search 2010-05-18 15:36:49 nollkoll
Reviewed by nollkoll    May 18, 2010

Coveo vs SPSearch2007

The big question is - should one move to the new and improved search in SP2010 or stay with Coveo. That is how much can one spend to get the better solution. Similar choice to that of using Nintex insted of SPD and Visio for Workflows. In both cases much better products than what MS does but costs. MS might be good enough for many.

Product Reviews

Easy setup
Easy Admin - yet very powerful for those who need
Great search results without much custom work to get it
Results presented in logical and clever way
Expensive - pay by nr of indexed documents
Not much of User Guide - poorly explained
Version Reviewed
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Coveo Enterprise Search 2010-01-12 20:58:34 Mike Ferrara
Reviewed by Mike Ferrara    January 12, 2010
Top 10 Reviewer  -   View all my reviews

Simple deployment, enterprise-level results

In my opinion this is one of the better indexers on the market that I have used. Although this product is easy to install/deploy, the core product is very powerful, and you will not be disappointed. The Enterprise Search engine is NOT a SharePoint-specific product. There is a decent amount of confusion out there about this product. You can buy the SharePoint integration product that replaces the search provider in SharePoint, but they did not design this engine for SharePoint, specifically. That is why this product is so powerful. You can very easily add other sources to the index that will immediately be available to all users. Combine that with advanced indexing features such as mirroring and slicing, and you've got a very robust solution for enterprise indexing.

Product Reviews

- Super-simple deployment steps
- Very nice Web UI for administration
- Faceted search OOTB
- Integrates with many products/technologies, not just for SharePoint indexing
- Supports mirrors, slices, distributed indexing and stemming
- Extensible API via .Net, COM and Web Services
- 64-bit compatible
- Can be localized
- VMs are fully supported
- Fast and friendly support
- Can be very expensive for some firms as you are licensed by number of documents indexed
- Documentation is good, but could be a little more thorough
Version Reviewed
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Coveo Enterprise Search 2009-04-29 16:48:43 Aubrey Marshall
Reviewed by Aubrey Marshall    April 29, 2009
Top 100 Reviewer  -   View all my reviews

Vastly Superior Enterprise Search

I guarantee that you will not go wrong with this search solution. This is an exceptional package from an exceptional company with exceptional support.

You decide how you want to deploy this tool. Enjoy.

Product Reviews

The product and support work as Advertised
Installed, Configured and indexing an Enterprise in under two hours.
One support tech can compeletly adminstrater and deploy Coveo search.
A single point of Centralized administration
User customizable searches
Entire search experience is fully customizable.
An extensive assortment of connector to include Sharepoint, People Search and external site searches
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Coveo Enterprise Search 2009-02-19 15:15:33 Patrick Trent
Reviewed by Patrick Trent    February 19, 2009
Top 100 Reviewer  -   View all my reviews

Good product but it rips SharePoint search

Coveo is a good company with a good product. However it is a bit sneaky of them to market themselves as a SharePoint extention technology when they are not. Their product is a complete rip and replace of SharePoint search so essentially if a company has a SharePoint intranet they would be turning off SharePoint search and installing and turning on Coveo.

This may not make sense for a lot of companies financially and also strategically because Microsoft is constantly making updates to the SharePoint platform (FAST aquisition etc) that companies who deploy Coveo will not get to take advantage of.

Product Reviews

Good product with valuable search features.
Third party proprietary search engine.
Rips and replaces the SharePoint search engine.
Breaks the upgrade path for SharePoint.
Essentially customers who have SharePoint would pay twice for a search engine to deploy Coveo.
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Coveo Enterprise Search 2008-12-08 14:23:52 Andy Dale
Reviewed by Andy Dale    December 08, 2008
#1 Reviewer  -   View all my reviews

Still the Best for Searching

Coveo are still the number one providers of search engines for SharePoint. With the limitations for searching in SharePoint 2003 Coveo was a must and I used it had many of the installation I did. Now with SharePoint 2007 Enterprise Search things have moved forward, but Coveo still brings a lot more to the party and is the most intelligent Searching application for SharePoint.

Perhaps now aimed more at the bigger companies.

Product Reviews

The best search techniques, fast, highlights found words
Not cheap
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