Colligo Contributor Client for SharePoint

Colligo Contributor Client for SharePoint

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Colligo Contributor Client for SharePoint

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Colligo Contributor Client is an easy-to-deploy .NET application that extends the power of SharePoint to laptops, delivering a consistent online and offline SharePoint experience. It enabls users to instantly and securely access, modify, and create content through a rich client interface.

Rich Desktop Client Interface
Contributor Client synchronizes SharePoint content to a local encrypted data store for instant access – improving user productivity over slow connections or when working offline. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface is tightly integrated with Microsoft® Office desktop applications so it's easy to use. 2-way sync, data encryption, document check-in / check-out, and elegant conflict resolution enables authorized users to keep content safe and up-to-date.

Synchronization Configuration Options

Users can select specific documents, libraries, or entire SharePoint sites for sync to their laptops. With full 2-way sync, users can securely access, modify, and create SharePoint documents, forms, list items, and metadata anywhere, anytime. Content is kept up-to-date with automatic background sync based on startup, view, and configured time intervals. 1-Way sync configuration available for read-only access.

  • Select a view, folder, library, or entire site
  • Access & update content while offline
  • Set sync on startup, view, edit, or interval

Document & Form Libraries
Documents are added to SharePoint libraries and folders with a simple drag-and-drop action, at which time users can immediately apply custom metadata for classification. New documents can also be created on the desktop using the same forms and content types available on the server. Existing documents can be easily opened, edited, and saved.

  • Update documents offline, sync changes online
  • Drag-and-drop documents from the desktop
  • Create documents from content types & forms

Views & Metadata
Views can be used online and offline to easily organize and find content. Metadata for documents and list items can be edited or added to one or multiple items at a time, with a simple right-click action. Default folder-level metadata can be set for automatic application. Multi-value lookups are also supported.

  • Right-click to quickly update metadata offline
  • Edit common metadata to multiple files at once
  • Use Views in Outlook to easily find data
  • Set default folder-level metadata

Custom & Standard List
Colligo Contributor Client provides access to custom lists and many standard lists including events, issues, links, contacts, announcements, tasks, and agendas. SharePoint list items are added and edited with just a few clicks.

  • Set content types for list items
  • Access and update custom lists offline
  • Add items to standard lists
  • Right-click to edit item properties

Email Drag-and-Drop
Contributor Client has special support for email and attachment drag-and-drop. A unique filename is automatically generated, and message fields including To, From, CC, Date, and Subject are captured as metadata values. Users can immediately set content types and custom metadata for email retention and classification applications.

  • Support better email & document management
  • Auto capture email fields (To, From, Date, etc.)
  • Set custom metadata at time of drag-and-drop

Document Checking & Version Resolution
Check-in and check-out is supported when users are working online. Elegant conflict resolution, integrated with Microsoft Word® compare and merge, notifies the user if conflicting edits have been made by multiple users while offline.

  • Use Check-out & check-in to lock content
  • Make changes offline, auto update when online
  • Resolve conflicts easily with compare & merge

Super Simple to Deploy
Contributor Client is a desktop solution that supports any version of SharePoint (WSS 3.0, WSS 2.0, MOSS 2007, SPS 2003). It's very quick and easy to deploy with a small 5 MB client install package and no server installation. Deployment options allow SharePoint Administrators to easily pre-configure sites for sync, set automatic sync intervals, configure storage locations, and more. SharePoint Administrators can quickly support diverse SharePoint users in various locations, working online and offline. Custom SharePoint clients can be developed using the Colligo Contributor Software Development Kit. Click here to find out more about the SDK.

No training needed
- Thousands have used Contributor without reading any documentation. In many cases users find the application easier to use than SharePoint itself. The UI is very intuitive, borrowing many visual elements from applications like Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Awards: Best of Tech Ed 2008 Award, Editor’s Choice Award 2008, Finalist for Best of Tech Ed 2007 Award

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Product Reviews

Colligo Contributor

Colligo is the mature tool for offline synchronisation in Outlook with supporting managed metadata column handling.

Product Reviews

Supports Metadata columns . SharePoint Workspace doesn't
Offline integrated in Outlook. Very smooth.
Causes overhead load on servers.
Got still bugs and support may be needed improved.
Version Reviewed
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Field Service has access to all docs even when working remot

Allows Field Service to have all of their documents at the tip of their fingers when working remote.

Product Reviews

Easy to sync and search with Windows indexing.
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For remote worker this is a godsend

I have been using Contributor for about six months now and its been great. If I am stuck in a zone without wireless or internet its still like being online and synch is simple. If you are out of the office but still want to be active this is the tool to use.

Product Reviews

Have your sharepoint docs at your fingertips
Work whenever and where ever you want
If you want to be selective in what data you want to synch take a bit of time
Version Reviewed
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Simple but the best offline solution

For any laptop user who is away from the network this is the ideal way to keep connected to SharePoint.

The free Reader alone is excellent but the full Contributor enables full two-way syncing. This product really does make SharePoint portable.

Product Reviews

Easy to setup and great for Salesmen on the road.
Users try to sync too many sites
Version Reviewed
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Long Time Colligo User

Product is amazing. I have been using Colligo Contrib for the past 2-3 years and have no desire to find anything to replace it with anything else on the market. The interface is simple and it does the job perfectly everytime.

Product Reviews

Simple to set up
Synch is simple and reliable
Only product I use for Offline Synch with SharePoint
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