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Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook

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Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook delivers instant 2-way access to SharePoint libraries and lists - all from within the Microsoft® Office Outlook® interface. Users can drag-and-drop emails and attachments into document libraries and folders, instantly capturing critical metadata.

SharePoint & Outlook Integration
Colligo Contributor Add-in brings SharePoint content to the Outlook interface, providing an intuitive experience for SharePoint on the desktop. Users can easily:
-- Drag-and-drop emails to SharePoint
-- Automatically capture email metadata 
-- Instantly apply custom metadata 
-- Add new documents to libraries 
-- Edit custom & standard list items

Email & Attachment Drag-and-Drop
Emails and attachments can be easily moved or copied to SharePoint libraries and folders through drag-and-drop or Outlook rules. Message fields are instantly captured. Users can set content types and apply custom metadata, then save emails as .msg files with an automatically generated unique name. 
-- Support better email & document management 
-- Auto capture email fields (To, From, Date, etc.) 
-- Apply custom SharePoint metadata in Outlook

Document & Form Libraries
Specific SharePoint document libraries or folders are linked to Outlook with an easy-to-use button on the Internet Explorer toolbar. Content is displayed with a tree view in the left-hand navigation pane. Documents can be easily opened, edited, and saved. New documents can be created using forms and content types.
-- Drag-and-drop new documents to SharePoint 
-- Update documents from within Outlook 
-- Create documents from content types & forms 

Custom & Standard Lists
Contributor Add-In provides access to custom lists and many standard lists including events, issues, links, contacts, announcements, tasks, and agendas. SharePoint list items are added and edited with just a few clicks from within the Outlook interface. Changes made in Outlook are automatically updated in SharePoint.
-- Set content types for list items 
-- Access and update custom lists 
-- Add items to standard lists 
-- Right-click to edit item properties

Views & Metadata
Views can be used online and offline to easily organize and find content. Metadata for documents and list items can be edited or added to one or multiple items at a time, with a simple right-click action. Default folder-level metadata can be set for automatic application. Multi-value lookups are also supported.
-- Right-click to quickly update metadata 
-- Edit common metadata for many files at once 
-- Use Views in Outlook to easily find data 
-- Set default folder-level metadata

Synchronization & Version Resolution
Users can select specific documents libraries, folders, or lists for Outlook synchronization. Cached content is kept up to date with automatic background sync based on startup, view, and configurable time intervals. Elegant conflict resolution, integrated with Microsoft Word® compare and merge, notifies the user if conflicting edits have been made by multiple users while offline.
-- Set sync on startup, view, edit, or interval 
-- Resolve conflicts with compare & merge 
-- Use Check-Out & Check-In to lock content

Super Simple to Deploy
- Contributor Add-in is a desktop solution that supports Outlook 2003 and 2007, with full integration to SharePoint (including, WSS 3.0, WSS 2.0, MOSS 2007, SPS 2003). It's very quick and easy to deploy with a small 5 MB client install package and no server installation. Deployment options allow SharePoint Administrators to easily pre-configure sites for sync, set automatic sync intervals, configure storage locations, and more. SharePoint Administrators can quickly support diverse SharePoint users in various locations, working online or offline. Custom SharePoint clients can be developed using the Colligo Contributor Software Development Kit.


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Excellent Product - Great Support

I've been using the Colligo Contributor Client and their Outlook Add-In for about two years now and am very happy with it. I started off using the Client for offline storage of documents and lists, then moved on to using the Outlook Add-In more intensively.

In my previous company, I used the Add-In to save emails that were relevant to a particular project, and set up Outlook rules to automatically move emails from certain people to the relevant SharePoint libraries.

Now, I tend to use it as a kind of mini CRM system. Each customer has a SharePoint library, where I store both emails (dragged & dropped there with this Add-In) and other documents.

The best thing about the Colligo add-in (apart from the obvious offline functionality) is the metadata support. Colligo delivers attributes like "From", "To" and "Subject" to the SharePoint server, so I can see this information easily if these columns are present. If not, I can simply edit an XML file so that the email subject line lands in the "Betreff" column (that's the German word for "Subject"). I needed to do this at my previous company where no-one else spoke English, but now I stick to the English terms... :-).

Product Reviews

Offline Support
Easy to install and connect to SharePoint libraries
Drag&Drop Emails (inc. metadata)
German language interface (I think they have French and a couple of other languages as well)
Offline support for libraries has to be selected when first connecting to that library - you can't "upgrade" a connected library for offline support
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