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SharePointReviews.com is an independent, vendor-neutral, and most complete product and resource directory, with over a thousand listings, and growing. It provides SharePoint power users, developers, and administrators with objective reviews and buying advice on SharePoint Web parts, applications, and development platforms. With searchable product listings and ratings, it will help you find the most suitable product within the shortest time.

Now, in addition to product listings, SharePointReviews.com also offers a comprehensive directory of in-person and on-demand training companies, consulting firms, events and conferences, all with exclusive focus on SharePoint technologies.

To make your browsing and decision making experience better, we implemented new features in our directories, such as a “compare” option, a listing “inquiry request”, and social media sharing.

Still to come… We are working on other additions to the site, such as Resource Directory, where you can browse and search for information specific to your area of interest. In weeks and months to come, we will provide you with valuable content, such as buying guides, product reviews and product validation reports, and featured articles targeted to specific subjects.

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Our goal is to ensure that you can easily find products and information to help you deploy and maintain a successful and powerful SharePoint environment. We are dedicated to the community, SharePoint, and this site. Please check back often, as we continue to expand our vendor discount section, directory listings (including over 1,000 with hundreds of reviews already!), and share opinions on things that matter to all of us.

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